November 25, 2017

Alliance System

========ALLIANCE SYSTEM====== 

The alliance system is what’s used to differentiate between alliances.

There are two alliances to choose from The elves and Humans.

So when a player first enters the world for the first time. He is considered a traveller , This will display underneath the character.

It will display character name , Alliance , And guild name.

The player has to choose between alliance A or B , We may add a third choice in the future, Perhaps even a fourth choice.

The player can only level to 20 before he needs to join a alliance and the requirement to join a alliance is level 10.


Travellers cannot player vs player each other , When a traveller dies he will simply respawn at the same place he first started his character upon beginning the game.

The traveller once reached level 20 will travel to ither alliance A town or alliance B town seeking to join .  

He will find the leader NPC in that town and complete a small quest to join the alliance.

After completing the quest he will then become a civilian and can exceed to level 40  

Progressing to level 40 the player can stay civilian but will be unable to access every playable map and will be limited in exploring the world. To continue past level 40 the player must become combatant.

Players as civilian be excluded from being attacked by enemy players and cannot damage other players only monsters.

If the player chooses,  they can go to the city hall and change from civilian mode to combatant mode early which will then allow the player to explore any part of the game and be allowed to player vs player any person he sees , Even players from his own alliance.

If The player joins Alliance A then any player he sees from alliance B will have a red name and automatically be a enemy. Travellers names will always be labeled in blue lettering and players on the same alliance will have green lettering .

There is attack modes listed in the combat system and there is a mode called safe mode. This will stop players from being able to hit players on the same alliance by accident with melee attacks and magic attacks. If the player is not using safe mode the player can kill a person on the same alliance if he wants. But upon doing so the player will automatically become a criminal status Which then means anyone on the same alliance as him will see him as a enemy and he will be treated like a enemy with red colored name.

Each kill the criminal makes on his own alliance will add +1 criminal to his status so if he kills two players he will remain criminal until he is killed twice only by his own alliance. If he is killed by a normal enemy from the other alliance it will not change anything and he will remain criminal.

Every time a player from alliance A kills a enemy from alliance B they will gain +1 to what’s called “Enemy Kills “ which is a point system that will also be used to redeem rewards such as special hero items which are apart of a combination set  (chestplate, leggings, shield, sword, gloves etc) all which match the color of the alliance.


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