November 25, 2017

Combat System


Combat will be skill based melee combat , using hit detection we want to know where our swords landed their blow’s and direct damage to that particular area.  We want to say if a sword, Make’s contact with another sword then it will be considered a parry and the player’s will not take damage but the swords will lose durability.
When a sword hits a shield, The player swinging will lose durability on his weapon and the person holding the shield will lose durability on his shield and damage will be dealt towards health but it will be little amount using a formula to calculate the reduction.   

When a player Swings and hits a piece of armor and strikes the armor it will lose durability and a calculation will be handling the amount of damage being served. If the player strikes a helm, Then it will have a different calculation for that area , Given that it is the players head , More durability will be lost to the helm, And a greater amount of damage will be issued.

When a player strikes a chestplate then it will do the same but will reduce damage differently using the normal calculation formulas but we can create values to represent how each peice of armor will reduce damage in different ways. 

Ranged Weapons

Ranged Weapons are anything that shoots over a distance.The way the player use’s these weapons will be determined by the weapon he is using, Whether it be Bow or Crossbow

The player’s shoot distance will be determined by the DEX stat, The more of this stat the player has the further they can shoot a maximum distance.

The way a player uses the bow is that once equipped they must hold right click and charge their shot. So the longer the shot is held the further the arrow can reach, We will include base weapon range variable on ranged weapons, For example BaseRange = 10

Then Multiply that by DEX and the amount of time the player has charged his shot into the calculation to make a determination of distance.

Bow Explained Better

# Max Base Range , This is a value attached to the ranged weapon that’s used a multiplier , The lowest value a ranged weapon can have is 2, But can reach maxium 10.

# Max Shot Time , This is the amount of time a player charges a shot. For each second LMB is held it charges the shot by 1 , Until a maximum of 5 is reach. So it takes 5 seconds to shoot maximum distance.

# Both max base range and max shot time are then multiplied by the player’s DEX

# The minimum requirement for a player to equip a ranged weapon will be 40 DEX

The way the arrow flies in the air will be up and over then slowly decline until it hits the ground.

♦ Setting up the Arrow Object (Will be provided)

♦ Creating the Arrow Projectile Motion (Bow/Character Animation will be provided)

♦ Getting the Arrow to stick in the ground where it landed

♦ Getting the Arrow to stick in a person and arrow moves with the skeleton in location hit

♦ Spawn particles on different hits(We will also play a sound to indicate to a player he has hit a enemy The arrow will also disappear after 1 minute, In ground or on skeleton)

Player Sword combat will be using RMB to swing his weapon, if a player hits Creature/Animal it will receive damage, There will be different HitBoxes to determine where the creature was hit, A headshot will add a slightly higher amount of damage.
When a player is VS another player , We need to determine what the sword hits at all time’s.

We can say if a player take’s damage he will recieve a small knockback
This way player’s can still run while being hit but will be pushed slightly towards the enemy that hit them to make up for the other players attack animation.

Reason for this is because when a player swing’s a weapon it slow’s him down, So if he hit the enemy , The enemy should also be slowed very slightly . Otherwise the enemy could always run away while the attacker gets left behind.

When attacking, Player’s will reduce stamina by small amount’s

Stamina is used for running or anything that exhausted the character.
Pretty much any action the character does including jumping will reduce stamina.

When the player stamina = 0 he can still attack but cannot run. He’s pretty much forced to stay and fight.
The player can walk during stamina = 0 but will not regain stamina while moving or attacking or casting magic. 


So the player using a location spell will select the exact location of the spell in attempt to hit a moving player or enemy.
The Direct Cast Spells can only be shot while holding a staff in the player’s hand.
The player will receive a aim cursor similar to bow. And get to choose which direction the spell will shoot in. This will be used for mostly damage spell’s and not status affecting spells.
An example of a damage effecting spell would be a lighting bolt. That shoots from the tip of the player’s wand/staff and shoots in the direction he wants.


Player uses Right mouse button to raise or lower shield, This make’s a higher chance to block a blow.
If the player has no shield the Right click will raise his weapon to parry a hit.
So the sword will be used as a shield.

-location casting and Direct Casting.

location casting is selected the exact location of a spell, Direct casting is using the player’s wand/staff to point a direction of the spell in third/first person.


Magic staff can swing with left mouse button or block with right mouse button, Or use a shield at the same time , and then use right mouse button to block with the shield.
When the player cast’s a direct spell it can be shot using the left mouse button and the right mouse button will cancel the spell.

Warrior’s can use spear’s or polearms.
Left mouse button will do a swing/jab. The right mouse button will block.

##Siege Weapons- Thinking Catapult can be operated by player. But ignoring for now



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