November 25, 2017


=======GUILD SYSTEM=====

Keep players who want to play together connected.

-Display if your friends are online and there exact coordinates and which map there currently playing on .

Display the last time a guildsman died and by which person(Name) or monster and death location. (x ,  y) [MAPNAME]


  • guild vs guild in-game events.
  • Starting of a guild is max 10 players and can be upgraded by completing guild quests.

If players are inactive for 30 days they will be removed from the guild automatically

There will be a cost to create a guild , a level requirement and a quest that is needed to be completed as well a player will need to spend X amount of enemy kill points to become a leader of a guild.

There will be different ranks of guild starting with leader and moderator the rest of the players can receive [TAGS] made up by the leader , The leader can remove anyone or delete the guild at any time

A moderator can invite players and remove players that are below his rank.

Guild members will appear on the minimap as well as  a X to show there death point.

There will also be a guild enemy kill log to show who killed who where and what time etc.


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