November 25, 2017

Magic Spells


=======Magic System========

Basic Magic System requirements are to create a database to hold the list of available spells and to be able to call them in game easily.

All of the spells will be cast and click to location.

So a player casts the spell – plays animation of casting for 5 seconds , then the player gets to choose the direction the spell will be fired in or the exact place it will land in.

If a player gets hit during the spell animation the spell will be canceled and he will have to recast.

We will start with 10 magic spells

  1. Paralyze- [TopDown Spell] This spell will play a small effect in a 1×1 block about the size of a character. The spell , If hit a enemy will cause the enemy to be unable to move for a total of 30 seconds. The only thing affected is player movement, The player can still block and attack and cast magic normally. But cannot walk or run . If the player is hit by any magic spell even his own then the paralyze effect is released and the player can move freely.


  1. Protection from magic- [TopDown Spell] This is a spell that can be casted upon any player even yourself, This will display a effect under the player showing everyone that the current player is protected by magic , The protection from magic blocks low level spells from working such as paralyze. This spell only lasts on the player for about 60 seconds before it needs to be recasted.


  1. Berserk- [TopDown Spell] This spell will increase damage % for melee and magic damage. This spell will only last for about 60 seconds. 20% for magic damage and 35% for melee


  1. Invisibility -[TopDown Spell] This spell can be casted on any player including yourself , The spell well make the player invisible to enemy’s Although players who are on your same alliance will see you but you will appear faded . Players who are enemy’s will not see you at all but will see your foot print effects as you run. If you walk they will not see foot prints but will still hear the walking noise. This spell only lasts 60 seconds before needing to be recasted . There will also be a “Detect invisibility” spell that when casted will detect anyone who is invisible within a 2 screen distance range and make them reappear.  When a player is invisible if they attack/cast a magic spell they will automatically reappear.


  1. Energy Blast-[DirectCast] This is a magic damage spell that will cause a area of Damage based on particle hit detection


  1. Fire bomb -[Direct Cast] This is another magic damage attack that when casted the player will select the area the spell will be casted in and it will do a small AOE damage in the location.


  1. Protection from arrow – [TopDown Spell] When casted on a player this spell will make the player immune to a total of 30 arrows or 60 seconds.*note there can only be one protection spell applied at a time to a player.


  1. Illusion movement -[TopDown Spell] When casted on a enemy this spell will cause the enemy’s ASWD movement to be reversed making the enemy if press A to go left will make A go right, W if press will go down and S go up D go left everything will go opposite for 60 seconds. Effect size is a 1×1 radius.


  1. Cancellation- [TopDown Spell] 1 x 1 cell radius , Upon contact with any player this spell will return the player to normal status, Meaning if the player has any effect of magic it will be canceled.  Example is if the player who is hit by this spell has berserk , paralyze, protection of magic , protection of arrow, illusion movement   or any spell at all it will be canceled .


  1. Recall- [TopDown Spell] This magic spell will be used only on the player who casts it. And needs to hit the player who casts it. The spell will recall the player back to their alliance town/city to one of the five recall pads at random.  This spell cannot be used if the player has been hit within X amount of time by a enemy or monster , or if he’s taken damage in the last 2 minutes. Once used it will teleport the player to safety or save a player from becoming stuck or glitched in a place he’s not meant to be.
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